Commercial: IG Trading

IG Trading are a stocks and shares trading platform for the open market. This platform specialises in giving the general public the opportunity to trade.

The advert, filmed in Chile over 5 days, shows a metaphoric journey of what a trade means to you when you switch on your computer and trade. Each vignette visualises emotions such as risk and control as I come alive during the process of trading. 

To get the outstanding scenery needed, we travelled to Northern Chile. Specifically the Atacama Desert. Staying in San Pedro De Atacama, we filmed in the desert and at the natural geysers of El Tatio, 4,320 metres above sea level. With some of the crew struggling with the altitude sickness and extreme cold, this turned out to be a very interesting day. And, just to add an extra layer to the complications, It snowed when we arrived in San Pedro De Atacama which almost jeopardised the whole shoot. To put this in to context, this was the first snow fall in 50 years! Thankfully we got everything we needed before heading back to Santiago where we filmed the underwater shots and the office scene. 

Below you will see my journey as a trader.