Commercial: Bridgestone 'Been everywhere'

The ad agency, JWT, wanted to break the mould when it came to tyre commercials and move away from the standard. Tyre commercials often focus solely on the safety aspects, and rightly so, but JWT believed Bridgestone were missing a big audience by constantly only showing their product in this light. 

In 2013 we flew to Santiago, Chile to film the new Bridgestone commercial. This was based on a young man getting tired of his day to day life and hoping for something better. Disgruntled with his employers and with a fear of letting life slip by, he embarked on a journey of epic proportions. This journey was obviously supported by Bridgestone, with all the vehicles used in the commercial having the relevant Bridgestone tyres and thus helping our 'hero' to places, and situations, he never thought he would see.

join our 'hero' on his adventure and seen what he gets up to!